Before You Build: Commercial Edition

Here are some things to know before you build and things to watch out for:

  1. Realistic planning. Be real about what you actually need instead of just focusing on passing code. What is the point if you end up making everything standard but not functional? Imagine having a locker room for your workers with only one locker and no space.
  2. Growth. Is your business going to grow in the next year or so? If you are planning on growing bigger and expanding, make sure this project isn’t going to slow you down. Best case scenario is you get so much work that you need a new place.
  3. Quotes. Be patient and try to find someone that knows what they are doing and is charging a fair rate. Sometimes business owners get overcharged because they just don’t have the time to research. Of course there should be quality included with the price, but that doesn’t always happen.
  4. Skill. Hiring contractors is just like hiring an artist, they all can draw but not everyone is DaVinci. Everyone can do the exact same thing, so what makes anyone in the industry different? Of course skill, trades are skills. You can tell the difference in the end product.

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